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Free Paper Session 13: Mixed Session I Session

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16:30:00 J. Providência Portugal Realworld results of aflibercept versus ranibizumab for the treatment of exudative AMD using a fixed regimen
16:36:00 R. Fayzrakhmanov Russian Federation Local changes in cytokines with various neovascularization types
16:42:00 T. Burke United Kingdom Longitudinal followup of domeshaped macula (DSM)
16:48:00 M. Diab Saudi Arabia Outcomes of additional posterior to ridge diode laser versus conventional laser anterior to ridge in severe stage 3 retinopathy of prematurity—a randomized control trial
16:54:00 A. Almarzooqi Germany Treatment of chronic cystoid macular edema in aphakic or severely affected traumatic eyes with scleralfixated fluocinolone acetonide implants
17:00:00 H. Deniz Demir Turkey The effect of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease on choroidal thickness measured by optical coherence tomography
17:06:00 M. Mazzola Italy Highresolution multimodal retinal imaging of type 2 acute macular neuroretinopathy lesions
17:12:00 A. Dvalishvili Georgia Results of a randomised controlled trial comparing combined intravitreal dexamethasone implant (ozurdex) versus intravitreal lucentis (ranibizumab) in patients with diabetic macular edema at the time of cataract surgery
17:18:00 J. Ruiz-Medrano Spain Study of choroidal metastases using ultrawidefield angiography: Contributions to diagnosis and therapeutic approach
17:24:00 P. Dhir India Retinoblastoma: Killer with a countdown
17:30:00 N. Fung Hong Kong Using optical coherence tomography and autofluorescence to monitor treatment response of intravitreal methotrexate for primary vitreoretinal lymphoma
17:36:00 R. Loginov Russian Federation Intraocular vascular tumors: various lesions, various treatment approaches
17:48:00 H. Zhang China Conbercept and ranibizumab pretreatments in vitrectomy with silicone oil fusion for severe diabetic retinopathy

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