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Free Paper Session 3: Mixed I

11:00 - 12:30 | 05 September | Room: Amphitheatre Havane

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11:00Development and validation of grading technique to measure change in retinal non-perfusion over time using a step-level change
P. Sen United Kingdom
11:06SD- OCT-based classification of acute submacular hemorrhages due to age-related macular degeneration – a retrospective study
L. Ramírez Páez Germany
11:12Tackling postoperative endophthalmitis with an early vitrectomy and intravitreal antibiotics - a retrospective study
L. Bisorca-Gassendorf Germany
11:18Robot-assisted vitreoretinal surgery improves surgical accuracy compared to manual surgery - A randomized trial
M. Forslund Jacobsen Denmark
11:24Variation in retinal thickness before and after treatment with the fluocinolone intravitreal implant in people with diabetic macular oedema
M. Habib United Kingdom
11:30A novel method to study qualities and parameters of intra ocular forceps
M. Dogramaci United Kingdom
11:36One-year anatomical and functional outcomes of 27G transconjunctival vitrectomy for advanced retinopathy of prematurity in Poland
M. Stopa Poland
11:42Choroidal cavern in a 8-year-old child with unilateral macular atrophy
M. Mazzola Italy
11:48Comparison of 3D digitally assisted visualization system with current standard visualization for the removal of vitreous in a preclinical model
M. Mura Italy
11:54Peripapillary RNFL and retinal layers thicknesses changes after vitrectomy for idiopathic epiretinal membrane
M. Pastore Italy
12:00Effectiveness of superior inverted internal limiting membrane (ILM) flap in macular hole surgery: anatomical and functional outcomes
M. Prieto del Cura Spain
12:06Comparison of hypersonic versus guillotine vitrectomy probes: performance assessment
M. Ferrara Italy
12:12Short- and long-term effects of aflibercept on retinal vascular development in the oxygen-induced retinopathy mouse model of retinopathy of prematurity
M. Mostafa Saudi Arabia
12:18Corelation between systemic immune-inflamation index and routine hemogram related inflammatory markers in prognosis of retinopathy of prematurity
M. Akdogan Turkey
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