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Vitreq B.V.

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Company contacts: Vitreq B.V.
Seggelant-Noord 2
The Netherlands
T. +31-181-745090

disposable Micro Forceps and scissors for Vitreoretinal surgery, Backflush instruments, disposable Vitrectomy lenses, disposable light fibers, 90° directional laser fibers and 90° directional illuminated laser fibers, retractable tissue manipulators, PFCL cannulas, VFI cannulas, pick needles cannulas, silicone tipped cannulas, blunt tipped cannulas with luer lock connectors, surgical liquids: silicone oils and PFCL liquids, Treq Blue for anterior segment, scleral depressors, Toul and Operio units for ultra clean supply during surgery

Disposable and reusable Micro Instruments for VR surgery, Surgical liquids, Laser probes, cannulas, retractable Tissue Manipulators, Backflush Instruments,

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Company contacts: Alfa Instruments Srl,
Via F.lli Bandiera NCC 80026, Casoria (Naples) – Italy
Tel. +39 081.584.82.87
Fax. +39 081.584.76.49

Intraocular Dyes; Lutein based dyes; Single Lutein Blue™; Double Lutein Blue™; Triple Lutein blue™; Phaco Lutein™; Vitreo Lutein™; Vitreoretinal

Vitreoretinal surgery, intraocular dyes, medical devices

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Company contacts: VITO
Unit Health
Boeretang 200, 2400 Mol, Belgium

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Mr Sven Vercauteren, , tel: +32 475 531271

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The IFLEXIS team of VITO, Flanders' research and technology organization on cleantech and sustainable development, is a multidisciplinary research group with expertise in life sciences, data science and health-IT.
Our aim is to leverage the field of retinal image analysis and demonstrate its value for disease detection and follow-up in a clinical context. We use artificial intelligence for early diagnosis and preventive medicine, develop software and prototypes and explore new business models.


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Visunex Medical Systems

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Company contacts: Visunex Medical Systems Inc.
46824 Lakeview Boulevard
Fremont, CA 94538
Office: 510.996.5068

PanoCam Solo
PanoCam Pro

Medical Device