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Hertzstrasse 4
69126 Heidelberg

Devices, instruments and biomaterials.
Devices: megaTRON S4HPS, endoTRON532 Endolaser, Xenotron III light source, MACH2 Cutter.
Dyers: Brilliant Peel Dual Dye, Brilliant Peel, Vioron.
Silicone Oils: Siluron, Densiron, Densiron Xtra.
Temporary Tamponades: F-Ocatene, F-Decaline, F6H8.
Gases: EasyGas.
Washout Solution: F4H5
Instruments: more than 3,000 different precision instruments, like DMEK instrument set, Ikeda-Yae instruments for astigmatism neutral incision, Femto Laser instruments, IOL transplantation instruments, Pure Efficiency Phako Sets, Uno Color Line series for vitreoretinal surgery. On request, we also offer custom-made surgical instruments that are individually adapted to the requirements and surgery techniques of the surgeon.

Device systems, instruments, biomaterials, sterilization containers, Lenswista Bandage Lens