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Haptic intubation for a sutureless intrascleral posterior chamber intraocular lens fixation

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First Author: N.Vila CANADA

Co Author(s):    J. C. Chen                             

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To introduce a novel surgical technique of sutureless intrascleral posterior chamber intraocular lens (PCIOL) fixation with safer handling of haptic during manipulation.


Surgical technique – McGill Academic Eye Center, Montreal, Canada


We report a new surgical technique that allows intrascleral fixation of a posterior chamber intraocular lens (IOL) without sutures in a simplified fashion and safer haptic manipulation. A scleral incision with a crescent knife is made at 1 mm from the limbus and scleral pocket is created in both sides. A 20-gauge microvitreoretinal knife is used to create two sclerotomies through the pockets. Manipulation of the haptic is done with cannulation of the silastic tubing and the haptics are externalized. Once both haptics are externalized the tubing is removed and the haptic is reinternalized through the opposed sclerotomy.


Twenty 3-piece IOLs were placed near the sulcus with this technique. All achieved centration and stability with no obvious torqueing. All sclertomies were self-sealing.


The centration and stability of scleral fixation can be easily achieved with our technique because haptic integrity was maintained and the curvature was not distorted within the tunnel. Lack of suturing also ensures equal tension exerted on the haptics.

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