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Game of cysts!

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First Author: D.Shroff INDIA

Co Author(s):    G. Bhatia   C. Gupta   C. Shroff                       

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To present three completely different scenarios of cysts involving the retina.


Tertiary care vitreoretinal service in New Delhi, India


Three different surgical situations involving cysts of the retina are showcased. (a) A ‘true’ sub-retinal Cysticercus cyst is smoothly removed in toto. (b) A huge ‘pseudo’ cyst of the Retina due to longstanding giant retinal tear needs to be dissected completely in order to settle the RD. (c) A ‘cystic’ lesion which looks like a posteriorly dislocated crystalline lens on B-scan turns out to be totally detached cauliflower like crumpled up retina and requires extensive sub retinal membrane peeling.


All the 3 cases underwent challenging vitreoretinal surgery highlighted in the video. All showed visual improvement and stable attached retinas post operatively


Learning points: 1.True Cysticercus cysts need to be handled gently for good anatomical and functional results. 2. Pseudo cysts in long standing RD may not allow retina to settle- in which case they may need to be excised 3. And always BEWARE of the cyst which isn’t a CYST AT ALL!!!

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