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Facovitrectomy with iris prosthesis in complex ocular trauma with panuveitis

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First Author: M. A.Reyes Rodriguez SPAIN

Co Author(s):    H. Carreras Diaz   A. Garcia Garcia                          

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We present the video of the case of a 36-year-old woman with bilateral panuveitis due to Blau's syndrome, who suffered eye trauma in the right eye with perforating wound in lower limb and iris herniation.


After emergency surgery, there is significant loss of visual acuity and photophobia. In the ophthalmological examination corneal astigmatism of 11 diopters in a 60 degree axis, inferior trauma aniridia, nuclear cataract and macular epiretinal membrane were observed.


Scheduled surgery is performed 9 months after the trauma, and cataract phacoemulsification is performed with an 11-diopter toric monofocal intraocular lens implant on a 60-degree axis (model AT TORBI 709 M) and a brown colored sector iris (IPS®) prosthesis in the lower area above the intraocular lens, both endosacular. Vitrectomy is performed via three pathways 25 G via pars plana, posterior capsulotomy with vitreotome and peeling of the macular epiretinal membrane and inner limiting membrane stained with tripan blue (membrane dual®).


In the postoperative period we found a modification in the corneal astigmatism axis, which is why we proceed to rotate the intraocular lens with the aid of the intraoperative aberrometer (ORA System®) and the guided imaging system (VERION®). We did not find other complications at the anterior and posterior segment. Ocular inflammation has been controlled at all times with the use of oral corticosteroids and methotrexate.


These cases of ocular trauma need to be addressed through multiple procedures to achieve the best possible outcome. The association with the presence of a previous panuveitis recommends minimally invasive surgery to generate the smallest possible inflammation. It is possible to obtain a satisfactory functional and refractive result as it happens in our patient.

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