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Nuances of diabetic vitrectomy

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First Author: R.Raman INDIA

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To describe the cutter-based membrane dissection techniques in diabetic vitrectomy.


The video will demonstrate the cutter based membrane dissection techniques in diabetic vitrectomy. It also demonstrates the pathoanatomy which should be kept in mind during diabetic vitrectomy


Foldback delamination is a technique for removing flexible, weakly fixed membranes by putting the cutter port just behind the membrane’s leading edge. “Conformal cutter delamination” technique involves dissecting the thickened membranes directly by moving the cutter port forward into the leading edges of the membranes Lift and Cut is a technique when the cutter is applied to the edge of a rigid ERM. It is a side/oblique approach where the cutter is more used as a pic forceps and membrane is lifted. Lawnmower technique involves the cutter to be used for lifting the membrane and for blunt dissection.


Initially the pathoanatomy is discussed. Then with animation the membrane dissection techniques are discussed. Three video clips of diabetic vitrectomy are shown describing the steps and dissection techniques. Finally few tips to control intraoperative bleed are given.


The video highlights the optimal use of MIVS instrumentation in modern diabetic vitrectomy. It describes the approach to remove the diabetic membranes.

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