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OutViting the humor! The art of vitreous removal in mobile retina

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First Author: M.Nagpal INDIA

Co Author(s):    R. Juneja                             

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Removal of vitreous is an integral aspect of vitrectomy. To do a good clean up of vitreous in mobile retina can be a challenge. this video we discuss various aspects of vitreous removal including hyaloid removal and peripheral shaving in cases of retinal detachment.


The video discusses various steps required to to a good clean up of vitreous in cases having mobile retina due to retinal detachment


Various cases are shown to show how vitreous can be safely and effectively removed from its retinal attachments and peripheral base attachments. adjuncts such as triamcinolone and brilliant blue dye are also used to achieve this. Chandelier light is used so enhance peripheral visualisation and also allow peripheral indentation so as to bring the periphery closer to centre allowing good vitreous dissection


Safe and effective vitreous removal from its retinal attachment and vitreous base is discussed to form an effective strategy for achieving good anatomical and functional results


Careful removal of vitreous using various effective strategies and adjuncts such a triamcinolone, brilliant blue and trypan blue and chandelier lights help to achieve good anatomical and functional results

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