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Let there be light

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First Author: M.Nagpal INDIA

Co Author(s):    S. Mahuvakar   R. Juneja                          

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To display a technique to enhance the red glow for cases undergoing combined phacoemulsification along with vitrectomy for patients having vitreous haemorrhage along with cataract


Patients undergoing commbined phaco and vitrectomy procedures are operated using this technique


25 GAUGE chandelier light is placed in the infero temporal quadrant at the beginning of surgery. After this phaco emulsification is undertaken. Once the chandelier light is switched on, a beautiful red glow is appreciated to carry out the capsulorhexis as well as phaco emulsification and lens matter aspiration. After finishing the phacoemulsification the chandelier is removed and infusion cannula is placed in the same cannula . Thus no extra port is required for this chandelier insertion


Cases having vitreous haemorrhage with cataract tend to have a absent glow at the time of cataract surgery and hence by placing the chandelier light the glow can be enhanced , thus making the the job much easier for the surgeon


Chandelier light is a great adjunct for cases undergoing vitrectomy and phacoemulsification for combined pathologies having a absent red glow otherwise

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