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Sutureless pars plans vitrectomy for intraocular foreign body

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First Author: O.Mohammed QATAR

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23 and 25 suturless pars plans vitrectomy in selected cases of intraocular foreign bodies


Cases of introcular foreign bodies of different sizes(largest being 14 mm in length) associated with lens injury managed by suturless pars plans vitrectomy


23 and 25 pars plans vitrectomy after suturing of the corneal wound (if needed),followed by peeling of posterior hyaloid,, internal limiting membrane peeling and extraction of the intraocular foreign body along its long axis through the preplaced limbal phaco wound followed by implantation of intraocular lens


All cases showed good anatomical and functional results with very fast rehabilitation


In the era of suturless pars plans vitrectomy, the author stresses upon the use of the limbal and not the pars plans route to deliver the intraocular foreign body in cases associated with lens injury or when the foreign body is too large to be delivered through the pars plans .

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