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Retrieving and scleral fixation of dropped IOL

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First Author: H.Khaqan PAKISTAN

Co Author(s):    H. Kiyani                             

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To retrieve the dropped IOL and scleral fixation of same IOL


Department of Ophthalmology,Lahore General Hospital,Lahore


23 gauge PPV done to free the dropped IOL from vitreous ,IOL was grasped with end grasping forcep and brought to anterior chamber ,10/0 prolene suture was passed through at 6,o,clock and 12,o,clock to bring in anterior chamber ,where it was grasped with forcep and brought out from limbal wound and first one heptic was brought out of the limbal wound at 11,o,clock and tied with prolene ,then rotated with dialer to six,o, clock position behind the iris and tied at sclera,similar manour was done for other heptic and was rotated at 12,0,clock behind the iris and tied at sclera.


IOL was centered and well placed at first post operative day and visual acuity was 6/6 at 03 months follow up


Retrieving of dropped IOL and scleral fixation of same IOL is good technique for early visual rehabilitation

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