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10 commandments for learning & perfecting indirect ophthalmoscopy (IDO)

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First Author: K.S Kumar INDIA

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To depict a modular approach to learning IDO wherein the learner accomplishes & gains expertise one step at a time & methodically moves up to the next step.


Eye hospital , wards , out patients clinics


A step wise approach to learning the skills of IDO from basic optics to knowing the equipment to learning on model eyes & then graduating to fundus drawing , mental reorientation of the inverted image , scleral indentation nuances etc is highlighted using 10 commandments in an incremental fashion


Splitting the steps of learning IDO into smaller subunits & gaining confidence with the preceding step before moving on to the successive steps greatly facilitates learning IDO


Pains taking practice needed for mastering IDO is broken down into 10 easy -to -learn incremental step ladder rungs that would significantly flatten the learning curve.

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