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Vitrectomy for removal of a submacular cystic tumour

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First Author: H.Hamza EGYPT

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To show a case of submacular sclerosing angioma initially misdiagnosed as a parasitic cyst.


A female patient 56 years old presenting with recent diminution of vision in right eye of 2 months duration. She was referred with a diagnosis of sub retinal metastatic tumour. OCT revealed a clearly defined submacular cyst 1400u


Initially a diagnosis of a parasitic cyst was assumed and the patient prepared for vitrectomy. Pars plana vitrectomy and a retinotomy was done at the periphery of the lesion. The lesion was found to be adherent to the underlying RPE. The cyst was removed through the retinotomy and found to have a thick fibrous wall contrary to a parasitic cyst. The cyst was removed intact by enlarging the sclerotomy followed by fluid /air exchange, endolaser and SF6 gas 20 % injection


Histopathological examination of the cyst revealed a thick fibrous wall and large blood spaces lined by endothelial cells. Immunohistochemistry revealed the cells are positive for CD8 which confirmed their endothelial nature. A diagnosis of sclerosing angioma was done by the pathologist.


Sclerosing angiomas have been reported in the literature join the lung , liver and spleen but never in the eye. This is the first case report of a sub retinal secularising angioma.

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