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Relaxing of macular hole

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First Author: J. F. Davila Villarreal MEXICO

Co Author(s):    C. D. Azuara Azuara   M. A. De Alba Castilla   E. F. Gutierrez Enriquez   J. A. Ruiz Gonzalez   H. A. Trevino Rodriguez   J. H. Gonzalez Cortes              

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To present a series of cases, in which a primary closure of the macular hole was not obtained with our conventional surgical technique.


Servicios Médicos Quirúrgicos de Monterrey


We present a series of cases of 11 patients who did not have a primary closure of the macular hole. In spite of the realization of peeling of internal limiting membrane with brilliant blue, placement of 1cc of perfluor carbonade heavy liquid, passive aspiration with cannula with silicon tip, tamponade with SF6 and prone position during 5 days. We did not find the apparent cause of non-closure, so we implement a technique with Tano scrapper in a 360 degrees radial way to bring closer the hole edges and relax IML free area and SF6 as vitreous tamponade.


The 11 patients who underwent this procedure resulting in clinically macular closure and corroborated by Cirrus OCT; As well as improving their visual acuity.


We created a variant to the technique of closing recurrent macular holes and with a success rate of 100% of the holes that did not have primary anatomical closure with the conventional technique.

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