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Intraoperative OCT for vitreoretinal surgery - A new dimension

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First Author: J.Costa PORTUGAL

Co Author(s):    J. P. Marques   M. Marques   M. Neves   Filipe Henriques   M. Alfaiate   J. Figueira              

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Intraoperative OCT (iOCT) is an evolving imaging modality that might lead to a paradigm shift in the surgical approach to complex surgical cases. During vitreoretinal surgeries, iOCT allows the surgeon to evaluate, with high accuracy and in real time, the impact of intraoperative manoeuvres on the retina and to alter the surgical technique as needed. We present a compilation of the first surgeries performed with iOCT at our department, along with tips and pitfalls of the technique.


Department of Ophthalmology, Centro Hospitalar e Universitario de Coimbra - CHUC, Coimbra


Retrospective analysis of the surgical approach to consecutive patients submitted to vitreoretinal surgery using the Rescan 700® iOCT (Carl Zeiss Meditec®) integrated in the OPMI Lumera T® surgical microscope (Alcon®), with the Constellation® Vision System (Alcon®).


Nine eyes of 9 patients, mean age 62,4±6,6 years, were included. The surgeries were performed due to a wide range of posterior segment pathologies: idiopathic epiretinal membrane (ERM, n=2), ERM secondary to previous retinal detachment (RD, n=1), idiopathic ERM with a lamellar hole (n=1), rhegmatogenous RD (RRD) with macular hole (n=1), RRD (n=1) and proliferative diabetic retinopathy with tractional RD (n=1), fibrovascular proliferation (n=1) and diabetic vitreous haemorrhage (n=1). There were no intra or postoperative complications possibly related to the use of iOCT.


Despite our small number of cases, iOCT proved to be a safe and useful auxiliary imaging modality during vitreoretinal surgery. The time spent acquiring intraoperative scans is rewarded by valuable information that allows the surgeons to dynamically alter their surgical techniques and, ultimately, provide a better care to the patients.

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