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“Extreme Retina”- I still believe in 99% perspiration & 1% Inspiration

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First Author: S.Boral INDIA

Co Author(s):    A. Das                             

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To describe the management of extreme cases of post polypoidal choroidal vasculopathy (PCV) diffuse haemorrhgic retinal detachments (RD).


Both cases done in Disha Eye Hospitals, Barrackpore, Kolkata, a tertiary eye hospital in east India


Two extreme cases of post PCV diffuse massive haemorrhgic retinal detachments presented with BCVA PL+ PR inaccurate. In both cases, 23G vitrectomy, temporal 7 o’clock hours retinectomy, removal of sub retinal clotted blood done and sub macular neovascular tissue removed. PFCL injected subretinally and full thickness autologous RPE-Choroid graft taken from a relatively healthy looking supero temporal quadrant. Then the grafts have been transplanted at the sub foveal zone. Sub retinal PFCL removed. Retina settled with PFCL and laser done all around. PFCL-Silicone oil exchange done at the end of surgery.


Both cases were doing well post operatively. Retina was on with sub macular grafts in place. ICG showed re-vascularization of translocated sub macular graft in both at 2 month. Multifocal ERG (after 6 months) showed some wave form. Both patients gained ambulatory vision in the operated eyes.


Extreme cases of diffuse hemorrhagic retinal detachments are still salvageable and proper patience and meticulousness can create some hopeful outcome.

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