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New innovative approaches for difficult retained intra ocular foreign bodies (RIOFBs)

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First Author: S.Boral INDIA

Co Author(s):    A. Das   D. Chakraborty   T. K. Sinha                       

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To describe the innovative way outs during removal of complicated difficult large retained intra ocular foreign bodies (RIOFBs)


Both cases done in Disha Eye Hospitals,Barrackpore, Kolkata, a tertiary eye care centre in east India.


Innovative approaches were taken to rescue two difficult situations with RIOFBs. In the first case, a large RIOFB was just beyond the posterior exit wound, trapped in the sclera. A 23G MVR blade used to create multiple radial releasing scleral nicks and bimanually making RIOFB intravitreal using bent tip 24G needle and magnet and removed through the limbal section. In the second, a 21mm long thick nail, deeply embedded in superior sclera with partial localised retinal detachment (RD) with it’s bulbous end just behind the clear lens. A lasso technique used to remove RIOFB without lens touch.


Both cases were doing well post operatively. First case achieved LogMAR 0.2 after silicone oil removal and glued scleral fixation IOL at 5 months with inferior macular scar and on retina. The second case achieved LogMAR 0.3 vision after silicone oil removal and phacoemulsification and IOL implantation at 4 months.


Innovative techniques are helpful to rescue ‘feel trapped’ difficult RIOFB situations with excellent outcomes.

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