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Subluxated SFIOL: A novel technique for refixation

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First Author: D.Balakrishnan INDIA

Co Author(s):    A. Oli                             

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To illustrate a novel surgical technique of re fixating dislocated scleral fixated IOL through exteriorization of haptic


: Retina clinic of a tertiary eye care centre


A case of subluxation of one haptic of sutured SFIOL was tackled by haptic exteriorization through a limbal incision of 4 mm within 3 clock hours of scleral fixation. Another paracentesis is made in the opposite side. The straight needle with proline suture is passed through the eyelet and then exteriorized through the paracentesis. The same needle is then exteriorized under the scleral flap by railroad technique. For 4 point fixation, the second needle is also passed the similar way and both the ends are tied under the scleral flap.


The IOL was well centered and remained stable after the procedure without explanting it.


This video will demonstrate tips for pre op surgical planning, step-by-step surgical approach for re fixing the dislocated scleral fixated IOL.

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