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How a Christmas angel can cause a serious eye injury while pursuing your cat in darkness

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First Author: B. J.Bajaire COLOMBIA

Co Author(s):    H.V. Sierra   J. M. Pardo                          

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To illustrate how an accident at home can lead to a very serious ocular injury and how to solve it.


Centro Médico Oftalmológico Bajaire, Bogotá D.C. Colombia.


A 39 year old male got up from his bed to chase after his cat in the darkness, there was a Christmas angel ornament with very sharp wings, and he smashed with the angel, producing a wound in the eye. A primary closure was made, and thirteen days after, a very challenging vitreo-retinal surgery were performed, a subtotal retinal detachment was observed, severe vitreous hemorrhage, hyphema and subluxation of the lens, whereby a posterior via pars plana vitrectomy, plus retinotomy, plus endoláser, plus lens phacoemulsification, plus an injection of silicone oil was performed, achieving complete application of the retina.


The video illustrates how the severe ocular lesion presented by the patient, involving the sclera, retina and lens, was resolved, taking into account that this surgery was performed in a second surgical time, 13 days after a primary closure surgery.


The video illustrates how an accident at home can lead to serious eye injury, and the challenges involved in solving these types of injuries involving various structures of the eye such as sclera, lens, retina and vitreous, achieving an excellent anatomical result.

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