Function assessment of the retina macular zone in patients with epiretinal fibrosis before and after vitrectomy

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First Author: A.Samoylov RUSSIA

Co Author(s):    A. Abdrafikova                             

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The study of macular zone by multifocal electroretinography (MERG) before and after posterior vitrectomy with peeling of internal limiting membrane (ILM) in patients with epiretinal fibrosis (EF).


The study group consisted of 10 patients (10 eyes) who underwent surgical treatment of epiretinal membrane (ERM). The diagnosis was established according to the spectral optical coherence tomography (SOCT).


All patients underwent a standard 25G + vitrectomy (Constellation, Alcon) with ILM peeling. Functional results were evaluated using MERG before and after vitrectomy and on 10 and 30 days. We took into account indicators: the wave amplitude (in mV) peak latency of the P1 component (in ms), retinal density (in nV/deg2) in the foveal (R1), parafoveal (R2) and perifoveal (R3) fields.


Prior to surgery showed multifocal electroretinogram decrease retinal density amplitude component P1 and component P1 increase latency in all areas (R1-R3). 10 days after surgery showed a slight improvement in retinal foveal density parameter field, but values were reduced P1 amplitude and latency parameters - increased. On the 30th day after the operation showed a persistent improvement in the field of retinal fovea density reduction indicators P1 and amplitude.


Analysis of electrical activity when the MERG showed slow recovery electrogenesis component P1 and the improvement of retinal function is not earlier than 1 month after vitrectomy. The findings revealed SOCT successful anatomical result of the operation. Subjectively, all patients had improvement in visual acuity. This allows us to talk about the absence of a negative impact of the removal of the ILM to the visual function.

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