Outcome of subretinal and choroidal fluid drainage using new technique cannula-controlled drainage

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First Author: A.Al Abdullah SAUDI ARABIA

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The aim is to offer an easy way to overcome the most challenging steps in scleral buckle surgery. The outcome of applying a new technique for external subretinal fluid drainage in cases of rhegmatogenous retinal detachment and choroidal drainage in cases of serious choroidal detachment will be presented.


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It is a case series of 4 consecutive patients who underwent cannula-controlled drainage in king Khaled eye specialist hospital by one surgeon. CCD is a new procedure utilizing 26G intravenous cannula to puncture the scleral by the metallic part and drainage by the cannula part.


Total of 4 patients were operated using this new technique, two males and two females. Three patients had RRD, one patient with exudative choroidal detachment. Patients with RRD underwent scleral buckle and drainage. No intraoperative complications were observed in any patients. One patient had his cannula came out after initial insertion though his drainage was not affected. All retinas were flat in the first day post-operative with no hypotony. Visual acuity improved in all patients operated for RRD. The patients with exudative choroidal detachment did not showed visual improvement due to her advanced cupping which was not related to this technique.


CCD is a simple technique for external choroidal and subretinal fluid drainage. it seems also to be safe and effective in this cohort of patients.

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