Prevention of premacular haemorrhage in patients with PDR

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First Author: Z.Veselovskaya UKRAINE

Co Author(s):    N. Veselovskaya   I. Zherebko   N. Kuchar                       

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To learn the possibility to protect the macular area from the haemorrhage during posterior vitrectomy


Kiev, Ukraine


12 patients with PDR and traction RD at the age of 48-72 years and VA ≤ 0.02 were operated using the PV with membrane peeling, cautery, laser and gas-fluid-silicone oil exchange. At the final stage it was injected 0.2 ml of sodium hyaluronate (Healon® OVD. Abbot, USA) directly on the macula surface of retinabefore the intravitreal injection of silicone oil. The duration of follow up - 6 months.


Analysis of features of operations testified the achieving complete reattachment of the retina and in the absence of any severe bleeding in all cases. However, during silicone oil injection in two eyes and on the first day after surgery in three eyes there were noticed the appearance of a small amount of blood on the retina surface around the bubble of Healon. At the same time, in any case the blood did not spread on the macular and foveal area during all time of follow up examination. The duration of blood resolution was 5-7 days and the duration of healon bubble resorption was about 7-14 days. Analysis of the eye in the remote postoperative periods showed the satisfactory condition of the retina, the absence of the clearest signs of proliferative processes in the macular area of the retina and a stable state of retina attachment. Visual acuity during 6 months after surgery significantly gradually increased till 0.08-0.3


The proposed manipulation of droplet shielding of retina during PV resulted in long-term protection against the spread of blood on to the macula surface and the development of postoperative traction retinal syndrome in the central retinal zone

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