Does improve result when internal limiting membrane peeling is performance?

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First Author: A.Solans Perez de Larraya SPAIN

Co Author(s):    C. Gonzalez Gallardo   J. Ortega Molina   I. Gascon Ginel                       

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To compare functional results undergoing surgery for extraction of macular epiretinal membrane (ERM) with or without peeling of internal limiting membrane (ILM).


If internal limiting membrane peeling is not useful, surgery times would be shortened and the risks of iatrogenic decreased


We selected 8 patients in follow-up in the retina department of the San Cecilio Clinical Hospital who underwent epiretinal membrane surgery. All of them were operated six months after the diagnosis. Five of them underwent Vitrectomy and peeling of MER, and three of them were involved in vitrectomy together with peeling of MER and ILM. Visual acuity (VA), the presence of metamorphoses and the images of optical coherence tomography (OCT) and posterior pole before and after surgery were assessed.


: 5 patients who underwent surgery whith only removed MER: 3 improved, 1 remained stable but with a lower degree of metamorphosis and 1 patient worsened. On the other hand, patients whith MER and MLI peeling, all of them showed an improvement in VA. Except one patients in the group which vitrectomy and MER peeling, all of our patients improve their VA. In the same way, in all cases a reduction of retinal thickness measured by OCT was observed, remaining stable in the case of the patient whose AV deteriorates. Besides, the ellipsoid zone is preserved in patients, except in the patient whose clinical condition got worse. We used Statitical analysis “t student” for comparison of final VA according to the surgical technique used, not observing statistically significant differences (t = -0.86, p <0.10). Although, it seems to exist a better functional result when ILM peeling was performed. Thus in the group where only ERM was extracted the AV gain was 1.10 LogMAR, and in the group whith ILM peeling, that gain was 0.88 LogMAR.


The relevant information when assessing the prognosis of a patient with ERM after surgery is the preservation of the ellipsoid zone. Most of our patients improve their VA, specially when the ILM was removed, however, the differences are not statistically significant, so we should increase the sample size to reach a higher degree of significance in our results.

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