Novel surgical cannula for macular hole surgery

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First Author: D.Shkvorchenko RUSSIA

Co Author(s):    N. Anisimova   N. Sobolev                          

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To design the microsurgical cannula for preretinal membranes staining in macular hole surgery. Demonstrate the efficacy of the new designed cannula


S. Fyodorov Eye Microsurgery State Institution


Prospective interventional study. 5 patients with macular holes underwent 27-gauge vitrectomy with consecutive ILM staining with described cannula. ILM peeling was performed within the vascular arcades, air-fluid exchange was done in all cases. The disposable 27-gauge cannula for chromovitrectomy was used. The cannula is 300 mm in length, the peripheral part is perforated with three holes located on the single plane closed to the sealed end.


In all cases there were no issues of unexpected distribution of the dye subretinally and no traumatic issues were recorded associated with a high flow of intravitreal dye distributed through the cannula


New design of the endovitreal cannula showed an advanced ergonomics for retinal staining and can improve clinical and anatomical outcomes of the macular pucker surgery

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