Globe salvage in a case of open globe agricultural injury

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First Author: M.Pathan INDIA

Co Author(s):    C. Nakhwa   S. Natarajan                          

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India is an agrarian economy. A large number of rural population is engaged in agriculture. Ocular injuries in such a setting have a high chance of intraocular infection and permanent loss of vision.


Hospital Based Case Report


A 41 year old female agriculture worker gave history of falling from a tree while working and injured her left eye. She had bleeding from that eye followed by immediate and total loss of vision. On examination the vision in her left eye was PL+. There was a subconjunctival 6 mm long wooden fragment in ITQ, with 3X3 mm full thickness corneo-scleral tear with iris and vitreous prolapse with hyphaema. BSCAN was suggestive of vitreous haemorrhage with possible retinal and choroidal detachment. She was operated on 1st Feb 2017. Procedure involved corneal tear repair with anterior vitrectomy with intraocular antibiotics.


On postoperative day 19 (20th Feb 2017), her IOP was 21mmhg with BCVA 6/18, N18, globe was formed with aphakia with a pocket of nasal SRF which was barraged on the same day.


Timely surgery for trauma repair along with close a watch (Treatment when required) for secondary complication like RD, ENDOPH can salvage function in many eyes.

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