Retinal cryopexy versus diode endolaser in pars plana vitrectomy

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First Author: A.Mahrous EGYPT

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This retrospective comparative study was done on eyes with rhegmatogenous retinal detachment with inferior retinal breaks operated with PPV and retinopexy was done either by cryotherapy or by diode endolaser.


Alfath eye hospital, Zagazig, Egypt


All operations were done by the same surgeon and the breaks were managed by the same technique as regard endodiathermy, shaving and membrane removal. Retinal cryopexy of retinal breaks were done in 11 eyes (Group A) while 2 rows of diode endolaser around retinal break were done in 9 eyes (Group B). 5000 Cs silicone oil were used in all eyes and strict face down positioning for 20 h daily for 7 days.


Complete retinal attachment under silicon was achieved in all eyes of group A. while, 2 eyes of group B had a recurrent lower detachment under silicon. After 6 months of operations silicone oil removed from all eyes with completely attached retina with no recurrent retinal detachment in group A and group B.


Retinal cryopexy of inferior retinal breaks in PPV eyes seems to be more effective than diode endolaser in the same situations.

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