Retinal necrosis following inadvertent intraocular depomedrone injection

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First Author: V.Felcida UK

Co Author(s):    A. Tyagi                             

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To report a case of inadvertent intraocular depomedrone injection, clinical findings, management and outcome.


Department of vitreoretinal (VR) surgery, Birmingham & Midland Eye Centre, Birmingham, UK


We present a case of a 29 year old who was referred to the VR team immediately following an inadvertent intraocular injection of depomedrone. She had received 0.8 cc of periorbital depomedrone injection which was performed via the supero-nasal quadrant of the right eye. She had immediate discomfort and loss of vision. A relative afferent pupillary defect was noted and she had no perception of light in that eye. In view of the potential complication of retained depomedrone vitrectomy, removal of subretinal depomedrone, cryotherapy and silicone oil tamponade was performed on the same day. Intraoperatively a superior retinal detachment with retinal tear, subhyaloid and subretinal depomedrone was noted.Retintomy was done to remove as much of the subretinal depomedrone as possible.


During the entire post-surgical period her retina remained attached, but there were areas of retinal necrosis noted postoperatively, however her visual acuity remained poor, with a best corrected visual acuity of 6/60, at her last visit post silicone oil removal.


Periorbital steroid injections are commonly used in the management of inflammation; however inadvertent intraocular injection can cause devastating complications with poor visual outcome. In our case, in spite of early vitrectomy, the visual outcome remained poor. We suggest discussing accidental intraocular injection and outcome as a part of the consenting process

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