Macular hole surgery platelets vs ILM peel: A one surgeon prospective

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First Author: I.Elaraoud UK

Co Author(s):    O. Makhzoum   W. Andreatta   M. Hero                       

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To compare the results of two surgical techniques used by one surgeon to repair macular holes.


A tertiary ophthalmic eye unit.


Retrospective review of both case notes and optical coherence tomography images.


A consecutive 100 patients of each arm were identified. All had full thickness macular hole. First arm was treated with vitrectomy, intravitreal platelets and 14%C3F8 gas with strict face down posturing for 2 weeks, the second arm underwent similar procedure replacing the use of platelets with the internal limiting membrane peel. Macular hole closure rate was 94% in the platelets arm and 99% in the second arm.


Although the Internal limiting membrane peel remains the gold standard for macular hole surgery. Our data suggest the superior outcome of ILM peel compared to intravitreal platelets, therefore became the surgical technique of choice in dealing with macular hole. However, we believe that there is still a role for the use of intravitreal platelets in some patients who are unable to maintain stable head position during surgery and are not suitable for general anaesthesia. Proceeding with ILM peel in such cases can be more challenging with higher risk of complications.

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