3D microscope with integrated optical coherence tomography in macular surgery

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First Author: M.Cidad Betegon SPAIN

Co Author(s):    F. Armada Maresca                             

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The purpose is to evaluate fifteen cases of macular surgery performed with a 3D surgical microscope and integrated intraoperative optical coherence tomography.


Hospital San Francisco de Asis, Madrid, Spain


Fifteen surgeries of macula were performed and subsequently evaluated. 7 epiretinal membranes, 4 macular holes and 4 lamellar holes were carried out.


The results obtained from the analysis of a series of variables showed the improvement in ergonomics, image enhancement of the macular area, stereopsis, image quality on intraoperative optical coherence tomography and follow-up of the surgey by students and residents.


Microscopes with integrated 3D and optical coherence tomography visualization provide a new perspective for macular surgery. This technique allows the surgeon to operate without looking through the oculars, directly at the three-dimensional screen, in a comfortable upright position. This allows to improve the comfort and ergonomics of the surgeon. A high-definition screen with integrated optical coherence tomography delivers excellent depth perception and a large field of view of macular anatomical details that are visualized on a much larger scale. All the team can visualize in real-time the three-dimensional and optical coherence tomography image of the surgical procedure, facilitating the operating room workflow. 3D depth perception visualization in a big screen can also enhance teaching of students and residents.

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