Results of retinopuncture in treatment of macular subretinal haemorrhages

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First Author: L.Boriskina RUSSIA

Co Author(s):    J. Hzardzhan   V. Potapova   I. Melikhova                       

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To evaluate results of retinopuncture in macular subretinal haemorrhages of various aetiologies.


The study was performed in S. Fyodorov Eye Microsurgery Federal State Institution, Volgograd branch.


There were followed 9 patients with macular subretinal haemorrhages of different causation, such as posterior contusion syndrome with rupture of choroid (3 cases), idiopathic macular haemorrhage (3 cases), age-related macular degeneration with exudation (2 cases) and hypertensive disease (1 case). Retinopuncture was performed by Nd:YAG laser LPQ 3106 Super Q Lazerex (Ellex Medical) at the wavelength of 1064 nm in a bottom, the most prominent point of neural epithelium haemorrhagic detachment. The induced hemophthalmos was treated by medication. The preoperative visual acuity was 0,03±0,008.


The above-described technique of laser retinopuncture induced a reliable improvement of visual acuity up to 0,54±0,1.


Retinopuncture performed in the early on-set period is a highly-effective, low-invasive method in treatment of macular subretinal haemorrhages of various causation and provides a significant improvement of visual functions.

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