Minimally invasive treatment of retrohyaloid haemorrhages with laser vitreolysis

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First Author: I.Shandurkov BULGARIA

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To demonstrate minimally invasive method for laser treatment of retrohyaloid haemorrhages in the area of bursa premacularis.


Eye Hospital “VISION” Sofia, Bulgaria


Two patients: 13 years old girl with retrohyaloid haemorrhage with unknown aetiology and duration of 20 days, and 46 years old male with retrohyaloid haemorrhage as a result of arterial hypertension crisis following alcohol and drugs abuse. As in both cases there was no tendence for spontaneous resorbtion of the blood, bocked in bursa premacularis, we performed Nd:YAG laser vitreolysis of posterior hyaloid. The used power was 6 mJ and number of shots were between 1 and 3.


Visual acuity of both patients before treatment was Vis-0.04. Few minutes after drainage of the blood towards lower part of vitreous visual acuity increased rapidly. Vis=0.2 - 5 minutes post laser and Vis=1.0 on the 7-th day. During follow-up period of 3 months we did not find recurrence of haemorrhage.


This is another indication for use of vitreolysis laser device. Absence of inflammation and avoidance of big surgical intervention, led both patients to rapid visual recovery.

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