The study of the structural parameters of the macular area based on the use of high-resolution OCT in patients with occlusion of the central retinal vein

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First Author: V.Salavatova RUSSIA

Co Author(s):    M. Bikbov   R. Fayzrakhmanov   R. Zainullin   M. Kalanov                    

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To study morphometric parameters of the central zone of the retina in patients with occlusion of the central retinal vein.


Ufa Eye Research Institute, Ufa, Russia


The study involved 10 patients (10 eyes) who were divided into 2 groups. The control group included 5 patients (5 eyes). The average age of the patients was 45,23 ± 5,41 years. The investigated group consisted of 5 patients (5 eyes) with macular edema due to occlusion of the central retinal vein. The average age of patients was 51,12 ± 2.84 years. All patients underwent standard ophthalmic examination and optical coherence tomography using DRI OCT Triton Plus (OCT) (Topcon, Japan). In all cases the total thickness of the retina and each layer separately were studied with a pitch of 300 µm in the centre of which is foveola, paramacular region: in upper, lower, medial and lateral sectors. The total area of the cysts was measured in patients of the 2nd group in mode of OCT-Angiography 6,0*6,0 mm in Deep and Superficial retinal layers.


The total thickness of the retina in the lateral sector was 302,60 ± 7,95 µm in patients of the control group, in the study group - 436,40 ± 109,08 µm (p = 0,056), the retinal thickness in the upper sector was 312,40 ± 10.52 µm in the control group, in the group with thrombosis of the retinal veins - 489.00 ± 131,50 µm (p = 0,043). Layer-by-layer analysis of the retina showed that the thickness of the layers: internal limiting membrane - inner plexiform layer in the control group did not exceed 42 µm, when the edema appeared, the indices increased more than 2 times. The increase in the total thickness of the retina is associated with diffusion of the retinal layers with moisture and formation of cysts. It is established that in the surface layers there is fewer number of cysts, but a larger diameter, in the deep layers - in a larger amount but with smaller diameter. In the analysis of the total area of the cysts it was found that the average cyst area in the superficial and deep layers is approximately the same.


A significant increase was determined in the total thickness of the retina in the lateral and upper sectors in patients with occlusive lesion of the central vein of the retina. Increasing tendency was revealed in the medial and lower sectors. All layers of the retina are involved in the pathological process. The change in the plexiform layer is associated with the formation of cysts; the mean cyst area is the same in the surface and deep layers.

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