1 year outcomes following patients diagnosed with ischaemic CRVO

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First Author: A.Roka UK

Co Author(s):    B. Lu Morrell   S. Mann                          

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To evaluate the risk factors and identify the prognosis and 1 year outcomes for patients diagnosed with ischaemic CRVO. This was a retrospective study of 30 patients diagnosed with ischaemic CRVO between 01/04/15 and 01/04/16


The audit was carried out in the ophthalmology department of a busy teaching hospital in the UK.


Patients were ascertained from the departmental electronic database as those patients diagnosed with CRVO requiring Pan Retinal photocoagulation with at least 1 year follow up. Data were collected from patient records on gender, age, risk factors, visual acuity, IOP, subsequent surgery and medications prescribed.


30 patients (14M and 16F) with ischaemic CRVO were analysed. The mean age was 71.13 years old and the major risk factor HTN (73% of all patients). 40% of the patients had a history of DM and glaucoma and 26% of dyslipidaemia. Presenting visual acuity was a significant prognostic factor for the final visual outcome. 50% of the patients presented with visual acuity of less than CF (56% after 1 year) and only 30% had visual acuity better than 6/36 (33% after 1 year). In terms of management all patients underwent PRP and 60% of them received 2.6 mean number of anti-VEGF injections (83% of which was AvastinĀ®). 10% of the patients developed glaucoma within the first year, which was controlled on drops and systemic diamox. From the 12 patients that already had a history of glaucoma, 5 (42%) required glaucoma intervention (4 cyclodiode and 1 BVT).


Hypertension is considered one of the major risk factors for ischaemic CRVO. The prognosis overall was poor with only 30% of the patients achieving visual acuity better than 6/36 after 1 year. Reduced presenting visual acuity was related to guarded longterm prognosis.

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