Protein S deficiency diagnosis in pregnant woman with unilateral central vein occlusion: A case report

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First Author: C.Kourentis GREECE

Co Author(s):    E. Papaefthimiou   D. Karadimou   A. Kouroupaki   E. Chatzispasou                     

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To present a case of a 30 year-old pregnant with unilateral central vein occlusion associated with acquired protein S deficiency.




CASE REPORT: A 30 year-old, 28th week pregnant with free medical history presented to our department with a complaint of two episodes of right eye blurring during the last 48 hours. The BCVA was 10/10 Snellen Chart bilaterally. Fundoscopy revealed a mild sectoral optic disc oedema. Visual field examination was normal. She was advised to undergo brain MRI and laboratory evaluation for hypercoagulable states. A month later the BCVA was 5/10 Snellen Chart OD, vein tortuosity and dilatation was noted and optical coherence tomography showed cystoid macular oedema.


The laboratory assessment revealed low levels of protein S (free protein S 29%) and the patient was treated with low molecular weight heparin.


A central vein occlusion during pregnacy could be the first thromboembolic event leading to the diagnosis of a hypercoagulable state which may have severe complications for both the pregnant and the foetus. It is therefore highlighted that the ophthalmologist’s contribution to the diagnosis of thrombophilia is of great importance.

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