Different therapeutic options of bilateral macular edema. Case report

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First Author: M.Musiał Kopiejka POLAND

Co Author(s):    A. Wylegala   A. Lysek Boron   D. Dobrowolski                       

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To report a case of a patient with bilateral macular edema (ME) resulting from retinal vein occlusion.


67 year old male, treated for hypertension and myocardial insufficiency, was treated with anti-coagulants (Xarelto) and antihypertensive drugs (Amlodipine).


The patient developed BRVO in left eye altogether with macular edema BCVA=0.2, central retinal thickness (CRT) was 341 um. 2 weeks later CRVO with extensive molecular edema=649 µm appeared in the right eye.


ME in the left eye was successfully treated with Eylea® (Aflibercept), which lead to rise in BCVA=0.5, as well as retinal edema decresed to 269. BCVA in the right eye prior to treatment equalled to hand movements. Patient received locally: dexamethasone and CAI, while orally prescribed medications included Acetazolamide, Prednisone, Sulodexide and Troxerutin. During the follow up visit, we observed an increase in BCVA to =0.6 and CRT=343 um in the right eye. We decided to inject an Eylea®, which lead to an increase of BCVA=0,9 and decrease of CRT=264 um.


Conclusion: Intravitreal injections of anti-VEGF can successfully lead to a decrease in macular edema resulting from BRVO and CRVO, however good results can also be achieved with the use of topical and systematic drugs.

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