Aflibercept for diabetic macula oedema (DMO): A West London tertiary eye hospital’s experience at 18 months

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First Author: G.Loh UK

Co Author(s):    A. Hamoud   E. Yang   R. Walker   S. Younis                    

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A retrospective single centre review of Aflibercept use in treatment naïve patients with DMO in West London. We analysed real world results in a diverse metropolitan population. Our 18-month results represent one of the earliest groups of patients in the UK to be treated since the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) approved the use of Aflibercept for DMO on 22-July 2015.


Western Eye Hospital, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, London, UK


We used the Medisoft audit tool to extract all Aflibercept intravitreal injections (IVTs) for DMO at the Western Eye Hospital between 1-Aug 2016 to 1-Mar 2017. 37 consecutive treatment naïve eyes in 27 patients were shortlisted with a minimum 6-month follow up. Our primary endpoint was BCVA letter change. 3 groups based on LogMAR BCVA letter change were analysed. Group 1 (13 eyes) had letter gains of >10, Group 2 (13 eyes) had letter gains between 1 and 10, Group 3 (11 eyes) had no letter gain or letter loss. Secondary endpoints included sequential central retinal thickness (CRT) on optical coherence tomography (OCT) at baseline and periodic follow-up appointments, number of IVTs, number of follow up appointments, and cases where rescue adjuvant laser treatment was given.


The mean follow up was 11 months. The mean age was 62 with 17 male and 10 female patients. There were 3 Caucasian, 7 Afro-Caribbean, 3 Asian, and 14 ‘other’ ethnicities. There was no significant difference between the 3 groups analysed (p-value <0.01), adjusting for age, sex and baseline BCVA. Group 1 had an average letter gain of 23 (p-value <0.01); Group 2 had an average letter gain of 6 letters (p-value <0.01); Group 3 had an average 3-letter loss (p-value 0.019). The overall average letter gain was 9. The average change in CRT was -81μm. The average number of follow up appointments was 11. The average number of IVTs was 5. 4 eyes received laser treatment at various time-points in the treatment.


Our results represent a significant improvement in BCVA and CRT following Aflibercept treatment in patients with DMO.

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