The diabetic choroidopathy study: Looking beyond thickness. Baseline results

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First Author: L.Duarte PORTUGAL

Co Author(s):    D. Semedo   J. Salgado-Borges   M. Pinazo-Duran   R. Gallego                    

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Studies have shown the possible role of choroidal vessels in pathophysiology off diabetic retinopathy. New advances on optical coherence tomography (OCT) technology has allowed the assessment of the choroidal cross-sectional structure and thickness. Several papers were produced regarding choroidal thickness in Diabetes, but results are variable. Most studies analyse mean thickness values despite great standard deviations. Our study aims to evaluate morphological findings that imply thickness changes and to correlate them to the Diabetic retinopathy stage using the optical coherence tomography


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A prospective study where two groups of patient were selected: Diabetic patients with no or any stage of diabetic retinopathy with no history of ocular treatment; and non-diabetic patients as control. Patients with other ocular diseases or surgery where excluded. Complete ophthalmological exam was performed. A retinography, blood pressure measurement and OCT with EDI was performed to all patients. Choroidal OCT images were analyzed for thickness and morphological changes.


Three hundred and two eyes from 168 patients were included in this study. The two patient groups were of 106 diabetic (192 eyes) and 62 control (110 eyes). 34 eyes were excluded for analysis due to: previous laser treatment or OCT quality images. Choroidal thickness was best correlated with age. Great standard deviations and patient variability of thickness values were found within the groups. Morphological findings were best correlated with the disease than thickness measurements. With maculopathy there is focal change in the architecture of the choroidal vessels with a tendency of vanishing of the large vessels in favor to the choriocapillaris, correlated to focal suffering macular zones.


Choroidal thickness changes occurs in Ocular diabetic disease but should be evaluated individually and over the time. Mean values can create a bias of the results due to the great variability of measurements. Morphological changes of the choroidal vascular can be correlated with the macular disease.

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