Haemorrhagic unilateral retinopathy: Report of 2 cases

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First Author: H.Ben Amor TUNISIA

Co Author(s):    M. Laadhari   K. Imen   R. Kahloun korbaa   B. Jelliti   M. Khairallah                 

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To describe the characteristics of a unilateral macular haemorrhagic retinopathy in healthy people


Monastir, Tunisia


2 case reports


A 38 and 19-year -old- female patients, presented for unilateral acute blurred vision. Visual acuity was 20/20 for the first patient and was reduced to light perception for the second patient. Fundus examination showed multiple, predominantly deep, retinal macular hemorrages in the two patients. Fluorescein angiography showed hypofluorescence because of blockage from the haemorrhages in both eyes, with normal transit. SD-OCT showed retinal thickening in areas of haemorrhage. There was no history of Valsalva maneuver, trauma or strenuous exercise. The work-up performed was normal. Both patients showed progressive resolution of the intraretinal haemorrhages with a partial improvement of visual acuity for the second patient.


haemorrhagic unilateral retinopathy could be considered as a new entity as there'is no other founded ethiologies. The visual outcome is usually excellent but for our 2nd case, it remains low

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