Bilateral acute congestive glaucoma associated with topiramate treatment for depression

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First Author: T.Wasfy EGYPT

Co Author(s):    M. Abdelhafez                             

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To highlight the side effect of topiramate therapy on the ciliary body and choroid


Ophthalmology department, faculty of medicine, Tanta university


Female patient 41 years old presented to the eye emergency unit with acute onset of headache, bilateral ocular pain, redness, reduction of vision, nausea and vomiting. Ophthalmological examination of both eyes revealed corneal edema, ciliary injection and mid dilated pupils fundus examination revered-choroidal effusion. IOP was 45mmhg in right eye and 50mmhg in the left eye with the typical picture of acute angle closure glaucoma. The patient gave irrelevant history except her topiramate therapy for a psychiatric illness


The patient was diagnosed as having bilateral acute angle closure glaucoma based on her history , clinical examination and IOP measurements . The B scan examination revered choroidal effusion. This was evident in this case study, as the IOP was dropped to normal with medical treatment and stopping the oral intake of Topiramate. The patient was followed for 6 months after discontinuation of topiramate with regular measurement of the IOP


Topiramate therapy for depression disorders can directly elevate the IOP secondary to angle closure due to cilliochoroidal effusion and cause the rare condition of bilateral acute angle closure glaucoma

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