Measurement of inflammatory cytokines by multicytokine assay in tears of patients with autoimmune uveitis

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First Author: R.Vala INDIA

Co Author(s):    P. Mahendradas   A. Kawali   A. Ghosh   A. Roy   R. Shetty                 

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To determine the cytokine expression profile in the tears of patients with autoimmune uveitis with systemic autoimmune diseases


We conducted our study in Narayana Nethralaya Eye Hospital, Bangalore, India in the Department of Uvea.


Multiplex bead analysis of tear samples from 13 patients with autoimmune uveitis and 3 healthy volunteers were done for 26 cytokines (Interleukin (IL) IL 1 apha, IL 1 Beta, IL2 -6, IL8 -10, IL17A, IL 17 F, IL 21, Ig E alpha, Interferon gamma (INF) ﻻ, INF alpha, TGF beta, VEGF, CD 54, CD 62 E, IP 10, IL 12/ IL 23 P40, MCP1, MIP-1α, MIP-1β, RANTES & IL12p70


The results are expressed in differential expression in log 2 fold scales in disease versus controls. TGF beta (-2), CD 62 E (-2), IP 10 (- 2) cytokines were down regulated and CD 54 (1.2), IL2 (4) , IL4, IL5(4), IL6 (2.5), IL8 (0.5), IL 9(2.5), IL17A (1.3), IL 17 F (0.8), IL 21 (0.5), Ig E alpha (1), Interferon gamma (INF) (0.5) , INF alpha (1.5) were up regulated. Monocyte chemo attractant protein1 (MCP-1) was up regulated in Granulomatosis with polyangiitis (1.5) and VEGF is slightly increased in systemic lupus erythematosus and rheumatoid arthritis (0.25).


In autoimmune uveitis, Increased levels of CD 54 was noted and also the specific cytokines like MCP 1 in Granulomatosis with polyangiitis from the tears were demonstrated for the first time. Based on the current knowledge, quantification of the cytokines and specific cytokine markers may help in better understanding of the pathogenesis of autoimmune uveitis.

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