Anterior segment findings in eyes with panuveitis

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First Author: E.Cetin TURKEY

Co Author(s):    K. Bozkurt   S. Akbulut   G. Pekel                       

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To assess the anterior segment findings by specular microscope and Pentacam Scheimpflug imaging in eyes with panuveitis.


Tertiary referral hospital


This prospective study included 37 panuveitic eyes of 26 patients (study group) and 37 eyes of 37 healthy subjects (control group). Anterior segment parameters (corneal volume, depth and volume of the anterior chamber and Kmax) were measured by rotating Scheimpflug imaging camera. Central corneal endothelial cell count (ECD), coefficient of variability, percentage hexagonality, and central corneal thickness were measured by non-contact specular microscope.


The mean age was 37,23±16,32 years in the study group whereas it was 37,16±10,62 years in the control group (p=0,985). Female/male participant ratio was 11/15 and 20/17 in the study and control groups respectively (p=0,359). Corneal volume was reduced (58,81±4,15mm3 versus 61,12±3,69mm3) and anterior chamber depth was deeper (3,29±0,64mm versus 2,93±0,39mm) in the study group versus control group (p=0,014 and p=0,006 respectively, t test). Anterior chamber depth showed significant difference however ECD did not significantly differ based on the lens status (phakic/pseudophakic) in the study group (p<0,001 and p=0,056 respectively). The parameters were not significantly different between the eyes with active (16 eyes) and inactive (21 eyes) uveitis (p<0,05).


Panuveitic eyes showed corneal structural alterations irrespective of acute inflammation when compared to the healthy eyes.

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