3 years experience in using aflibercept in treatment of macular oedema of different aetiology

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First Author: G.Zhurgumbayeva KAZAKHSTAN

Co Author(s):    T. Botabekova   Z. Dzhailaubekov   L. Tashtitova                       

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To estimate effectiveness of treatment of the patients with macular oedema of different genesis during 3 years


Kazakh Research Institute of Eye Diseases, Almaty, Kazakhstan


126 patients with diabetic macular oedema (DMO), 213 patients with Age Related Macular Degeneration (ARMD), 40 patients with retinal central vein occlusion (RCVO), 11 patients with myopic macular retinopathy, 6 patients with macular retinopathy at primary pigmentary degeneration of retina and 2 patients with posttraumatic macular retinopathy have been observed. 10 patients (8 of them with ARMD and 2 with DMO) got intravitreal injections of Lucentis (3 patients), Avastin® (7 patients) in private clinics. Loading injections of aflibercept were done every 4 weeks. Monitoring between injections was not done. In group with DMO 68 eyes (53.9%) had passed laser coagulation of the retina (LCR) in anamnesis. Monotherapy (IVI of aflibercept) was held on 76 (60.3%) eyes and a combined treatment (LKS + IVI of aflibercept) on 50 eyes (39.7%). 46 eyes (36.5%) continued receiving IVIs with interval each 8 weeks and with transferring to regime “Treat-and-Extend” after 6 IVIs. In group with wet ARMD 73 patients (34.3%) continued receiving IVIs by 1 injection in 'Treat-and-Extend' regime. In total 1500 IVIs were done


In group with DMO maximal corrected vision acuity (MCVA) after 3 injections comprised 0,4±0,08 in average. Thickness of the retina in the centre (TRC) according to the OCT decreased to 281 ±44 мк in average. During 76 weeks and after 3 IVIs, TRC of 46 eyes (36.5%) remained stable, according to the OCT data, and MCVA improved per 1 line. In group with MVD MCVA after 3 injections comprised 0,3±0,09 in average. TRC according to OCT decreased to 270 ±46 мк in average. During 28 weeks and after 3 IVIs MCVA and TRC of 73 patients remained stable according to OCT. In group with RCVO MCVA after 3 injections comprised 0,5±0,07 in average. TRC according to OCT decreased to 282 ±32 мк in average


1. Aflibercept application allows to reduce TRC in 1.4-2.4 times and increase MCVA in 2-5 times after 3 loading injections. 2. At DMO application of IVVIA in 60.3% of cases is effective as a monotherapy of patients with the passed LCR and in 39.7% of cases in combination with LCR

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