Our experience in the prevention and treatment of postoperative macular edema

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First Author: S.Prysyazhnaya UKRAINE

Co Author(s):    S. Medvedchuk                             

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To investigate the efficacy of nepafenac 0.1% solution for the treatment of postoperative macular edema


Ukraine, Ophthalmological centre 'Noviy zir'


We observed 19 patients with postoperative macular edema after phacoemulsification. Optical coherence tomography was performed before phacoemulsification, when macular edema was diagnosed, in three weeks and in two months after treatment. Аll patients received postoperatively topical antibiotic for 1 week and corticosteroid for 5 weeks. The patients were devided into two groups. In group I (11 eyes) only nepafenac 0.1% tid for 21 day was additionally administered. In group II (8 eyes) - systemic non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and acetazolamid were used.


postoperative macular edema was diagnosed in 7 -27 (19.5±7.5) days after phacoemulsification, and the average macular thickness in patients of group I was 423.0 ± 43.0 µm, in group II – 430.0 ± 52.0 µm. In three weeks in group I the average macular thickness decreased to 315 ± 54 μm, in group II - to 397.0 ± 39.0 μm. In 2 months in group I average macular thickness was 252 ± 10 μm, in group II - 335.0 ± 19.0 mm.


Use of nepafenac 0.1% solution for the treatment of Irvine-Gass syndrome for 21 days resulted in more significant decrease of the average macular thickness after 60 days, as compared to the group where systemic acetazolamid and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs were used

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