Aflibercept intravitreal injection for myopic choroidal neovascularization

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First Author: J.Nassaralla BRAZIL

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To evaluate the clinical results of Eylea®® (aflibercept) intravitreal injection (RII) in choroidal neovascularization (CNV) secondary to pathologic myopia (PM-CNV).


Anti-angiogenic update


20 patients with subfoveal PM-CNV, were treated with of 2 mg ( 50microliters) RII. ETDRS best corrected visual acuity, macular thickness on OCT scans, and angiographic features were recorded and evaluated. The aspect of OCT scans passing across the PM-CNV was also analyzed. RII were repeated only in case of persistent angiographic leakage and if OCT scans showed retinal thickening or edema and serous retinal detachment. The follow-up period was at least 3 years.


The mean age of the study patients was 28 years (21-37) and the mean refractive error -11.25 D. At 36 months post-treatment, mean VA increased from 20/100 (20/400 -20/40) to 20/50 (20/200-20/30). Only 3 patients lost 35 letters due to macular atrophy; the other 7 increased or stabilized their VA. Mean macular thickness decreased from 352 to 230 µm. No ocular or general side effects were recorded.


These short-term results suggest that RII are effective and safe in patients with PM-CNV. The number of patients in this pilot study was limited and the follow-up is too short to make any specific treatment recommendations, but the favorable short-term results suggest further study is needed.

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