Real life results of implementing a telemedicine-based retinography screening within an occupational health service

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First Author: J.González López SPAIN

Co Author(s):    M. D'Angelo   D. Bravo   M. de la Fuente                       

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To describe the experience of setting up a telemedicine non-mydriatic retinography screening within the occupational health service of a major industrial company in Valladolid, Spain.


An occupational health service providing healthcare for a work force of 1700 workers in Valladolid, Spain during February 2017


A centreVue Digital Retinography System non-mydriatic fundus camera was installed in the company occupational health service. Occupational health staff were instructed in visual acuity measurement, tonometry and retinography by 2 of the authors (MDA, DB). Patients included in the screening were those over 50 years of age, and those with a diagnosis of arterial hypertension and diabetes. Examination data was uploaded into a dedicated, secure server at the occupational health service. Screenings were done by 2 retina specialists (JJGL, MAF), and reported back via the same server.


153 screenings were performed between 1st and 28th February 2017. Patients screened were 132 men (86%) and 21 women (14%). Seventeen patients were smokers (11%), 45 had arterial hypertension (29%) and 11 were diabetics (7%). Mean age was 57.23±4.65. 109 of the retinographies were considered normal (71%). Pathologic findings were observed in 44, and included 6 cases of hypertensive retinopathy, 5 cases of age related macular degeneration, 5 cases suspicious of glaucoma, 2 epiretinal membranes and 2 retinal vein occlusions and 1 case of diabetic retinopathy. Thirty-seven patients were referred to local ophthalmologists.


Telemedicine retinal screening may be a valuable tool for early diagnosis of both systemic and ocular conditions within occupational health. The more common pathologic findings in this high risk, working population were hypertensive retinopathy, age-related macular degeneration and glaucoma.

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