First clinical results of the use of an innovative single handed intraocular injection and paracentesis device

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First Author: I.Corcóstegui SPAIN

Co Author(s):    T. Suarez                             

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To describe the use of a new intraocular surgical injector which allows various injection and paracentesis procedures to be carried out in the vitreous cavity and anterior chamber of the eye using just three fingers of one hand.


Prospective consecutive case series.


The injector was used in different surgical procedures: 162 intravitreal injections, 16 injections of stain for chromovitrectomy and 10 anterior chamber paracenthesis.


All the procedures were successfully performed without complications.


The single handed intraocular injector was effective and safe in this case series. It allowed the surgeon to perform all the surgical manoeuvres safely and fast with only three fingers of one hand. During the procedure the device leaves the ring and little fingers free to be placed over the periocular structures for maximum control of the location of the injection, the depth of penetration of the needle and the operation of the plunger.

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