Five years clinical experience with the ruthenium- Plaque brachytherapy in case of choroidal melanoma

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First Author: L.Grajewski GERMANY

Co Author(s):    C. Kneifel   I. Ciernik   L. Krause                       

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The brachytherapy with β- emitting ruthenium- plaques is a well-established treatment for patients with choroidal melanoma. This treatment modality has been used in our department since January 2011.


A retrospective study of 141 eyes with choroidal melanoma that were treated with ruthenium- brachytherapy between January 2011 and December 2015.


Patients were followed for regression and associated side- effects. The study included patients that had a follow- up time of at least 3 months.


Of the 141 melanomas eleven also showed an infiltration of the ciliary body, 44 manifested at a central location and 74 eyes showed an exudative retinal detachment prior to brachytherapy. The mean sclera contact dose was 512 Gy, the mean apical dose applied was 104 Gy. The mean apical depth of the melanoma prior to therapy was 4.1 mm. In three cases a movement of the plaques was necessary since the plaque did not cover the tumour margins in total because of the diameter of the melanomas. In ten cases the tumour showed regrowth after an initial regression was noticed. All together four eyes had to be removed. In eight cases distant metastasis were detected and two eyes showed a radiation retinopathy.


For the treatment of choroidal melanoma the β- emitting ruthenium- plaques represent a therapy with a local tumour control rate of 93,3% and eye salvaging rate of 97,1%.

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