Secondary ocular metastasis to neuro endocrine carcinoma, acoustic neuroma: Case report

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First Author: B.Bajaire COLOMBIA

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To perform the teaching of ophthalmologists and physicians in general to take into account, patients with facial symptoms of low response to treatment, in addition the association between ocular metastasys and neuroendocrine tumours and auditory nerve tumours, due to the little existing bibliography.


Bogota D.C, Colombia, Ophthalogical institute Bajaire


Retrospective review of one case.


Diagnosis of the primary neuroendocrine tumour and orbital metastasis in rigth eye after 5 years under chymotherapy and radiation treatment; Primary neuroendocrine tumour was in acustic nerve. fluorescein angiography revealed orbital tumour. Treatment was in oncology department, associate with radiotherapy. Now after that, the tumour it is lower but the patient develop optic neuritis in this eye and Decreased vision in another eye without signs of tumour or neuritis in the contralateral eye, is under diagnostic work out.


patients with neuroendocine tumour had evidence of systemic and intraorbital metastasis. Even after surgical estereo surgery, chemoterapy and radiation. Follow up and tests were helpful in allowing diagnosis, treatment and metastasis prevent.

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