Optical coherence tomography angiography (Angio-OCT) changes in optic nerve head in acute and chronic phase of temporal arteritis

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First Author: I.Shandurkov BULGARIA

Co Author(s):    M. Yordanova                             

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To present changes in vascular permeability of optic nerve head during acute and chronic phase of temporal arteritis by the use of Angio-OCT.


Eye Hospital “VISION”, Sofia, Bulgaria


Case report of 73 years old woman with temporal arteritis, who was examined with Angio-OCT before establishment of definitive diagnosis and followed-up after treatment, again with this method. We used beta-version of software “Angio analytics” of Optoview for analysis of optic nerve head circulation.


Diagnosis of temporal arteritis was established after objective reduction of visual acuity, significant loss of visual field on perimetry, detection of disc swelling in fundus biomicroscopy and visualization of decreased “peripapillary density” and “disc flow” indeces on Angio-OCT, in collaboration with rheumatologists. Systemic treatment of disease led to increase of peripapillary blood supply, detected by Angio-OCT measurements.


Comparison of pre- and post-treatment results demonstrated the potential of this new noninvasive method for analysis of vascular changes in retinal and optic nerve head diseases. Further database of information about “disc flow” and “peripapillary density” should be collected for better interpretation of vascular disease and proper comparison between normal and pathologic findings.

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